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Shop'nTime Community

Creating a Unique Community

It is our attempt to bring you great, quality products at Shop'nTime as part of a growing Community of resources. We will continue to build on our product line and our focus will be on products that are safe for you and the environment - but still as effective. Many of the items in the Shop'nTime Community of products may be unique to us and carry the potential to change your life.

Providing Great Products at a Reasonable Price

As well as providing a unique variety of great products, we also want to offer them to you at the best price possible. The programs offered will allow you to experience life changing products at a reasonable price.


You will generally receive your product within 7 working days in the US unless other options are offered. Shipping outside the US may require additional shipping time and expense.


Shop Local

We like to encourage those who manufacture their own products - even from home. If you make your own product, could be anything like housewares, crafts, art or have even written a book, we would like to help you bring it to market. If you have an item suitable for Shop'nTime please notify us and we will consider it.

To see if we have products manufactured in your specific area, simply enter the city or state/province name in the search bar above the products and items from that area will be displayed. You may also click on the "Locally Made Products" link under the "Shop" tab, where unique products are available from local suppliers. We are making this option available to allow support the sale of local products and manufacturing in your area.



If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase you have 30 days to return it to us. You will be refunded your purchase price minus any shipping charges for returned products providing it is received by us in the condition it was received by you. Our office must be contacted and an RMA number provided for all return shipments or the shipment may be rejected. If a product is damaged during shipment please notify our office immediately so we can notify the shipper and correct the issue as quickly as possible.


Community Social Feed

All registered users may post in the Community Social feed, make friends, follow and join groups, found on your " Account" page. The feed and other information will not display until you are logged in. All posting will be subject to the terms laid out in the Terms of Use and Privacy policies. Basicly, it is not to be misused or you will lose your priviledges - as easy as that! The feed is for socializing and sharing what is important to you with your friends. More features will be added over time as they are developed. Enjoy!


Affiliate Program

As a registered user you are able to earn money for those you refer to Shop'nTime when they make a purchase. After creating an account the details on referring others will appear on the Home/Affiliates page. Place a simple link on the bottom of the emails you send or on your website - or just send the link to a friend and earn a little extra cash with a Referral Bonus. Registered Referrals remain connected to you providing they order at least once a year or they will drop off after 365 days.

Check out the Affiliates page for more information.


Store items are new and unused unless noted otherwise. Some items may be restricted for shipment to certain areas.

  • Price Discounts
  • While visiting Shop'nTime websites prices will display as full retail price unless discounted to the general public. If you are qualified to purchase at a discounted price it will be displayed when you log in. Prices are set according to the role or subscription you hold and only display when logged in. If you qualify for a variety of discounts the greatest savings based on your roles will be displayed.

  • Registration
  • In order to purchase a product it is necessary to create an account. If you are not logged in or have not created an account before you attempt to check out you will be directed to a page allowing you to do so. The UserName and Password you create will be the same used when you return at a later point to make other purchases. Those who have discount purchasing privileges must log in or discounts will not display. Creating an account automatically allows users to participate in the Affiliate Referral program. To create an account Click the "Register" link on the top of the page. You will be asked for a Unique User Name and a password containing numbers and other characters for security reasons.



Shop'nTime has put together a great program to help you raise funds for your group! Our goal is to allow the efforts of your participants to raise funds for a special project as well as an ongoing income for your organization.

  • One Time Event
  • If you want to have a one time event where you want to raise funds for a particular purpose, we have put together a great rewards program for the participants as well as a return on all sales. Rewards include discounted prices as well a prize program for those participating in the event.

  • Ongoing Income
  • If you want to participate in earning an ongoing income, we have constructed our technology to allow you to distribute a link to those you know and on your website to continually earn from all the sales generated.

If you are interested in learning more about our fundraising program please visit the Home/Resellers page.



Although it is anticipated that everything will run without a glitch, there may be times you need assistance with a feature or understanding how something works. For help please Contact Us here.


About Us | Shop Local | Guarantee | Social | Affiliates | Store | Fundraising | Support

About Us

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