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What is an Affiliate?

Parts of this page will only appear after you have logged in. An Affiliate is a registered user who chooses to refer another new user to register and purchase an item on the Shop'nTime website (through a personalized link). Users who follow the link and make a purchase will result in the Affiliate receiving a Referral Bonus paid to them from the sale.

  1. The bonus paid varies per product up to 10% of the sale not including tax and shipping.
  2. Bonus' must accumulate to a minimum of $50 US before payment can be requested. To review your Referral Sales visit your Account/My Referral Sales page when logged in.
  3. Payments may be made through issuing of a check or paid directly through a PayPal transfer.
  4. Affiliate Referrer is responsible for any and all tax implications and filings with their local government.
  5. Affiliate must be in good standing and abide within the guidelines of the company.
  6. If Bonus' have not accumulated to the required amount for payment and the User account has not been accessed for at least 12 months the Bonus may be lost.
  7. Registered Referrals remain connected to the Referrer providing they order at least once a year or they will drop off after 365 days.
  8. Bonus' are non transferable.
  9. The Affiliate Referral Bonus program is operated as a marketing program and Shop'nTime has the right to change the conditions or discontinue the program at anytime without notification of parties participating in the program. By using the service you agree that Shop'nTime cannot be liable for any claims regarding errors, omissions, or availability of the service.
  10. Other restrictions may apply. Please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information.
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